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United States

I am the epitome of sarcastic, though you would never think that based off of first impressions.
I always laugh when someone’s trying to be serious with me.
I am a huge fan of Florence + the Machine.
I get unreasonably excited with the small things in life, like warm towels and thunderstorms.
I am the laziest person I know with the biggest ambitions.
I can't stop talking when I'm with my friends, but I'm all too quiet with people I don't know well.
I have a horrible poker face though not for lack of trying.
I love thunderstorms when I'm trying to sleep and hate weather above 75 degrees.
I act more intelligent than I think I am.
I cry when I read sad books, or watch sad movies, but when something horrible happens in real life, I don't care nearly enough.
I am a closet Naruto fan, though I'm hating all the fillers in Shippuden.
I am a master at faking a smile even if I'd rather be frowning.
I am part of the minority of high schoolers who love to learn.
I'm one of those (read: crazy) people who believe there's a reason everything happens, and it'll all work out in the end.
I'm just Maria.

When I first joined DeviantART, I wanted to rule it. I joined as many groups as I could, and submitted work as fast as I could write, on the minuscule chance that I could gain internet fame. During my first few months on the site, I would check dA twice a day and spend hours writing/reading/exploring. I used to be so, so excited to find inspiration on here, and see all the beautiful work posted around me. Now, this is the first time I've checked my account in months. Maybe you can say that I've fallen out of love with the site, and to an extent, writing. Often, I think of myself as one of those commitment phobic men afraid to stay in a relationship, although in this scenario I am a female having a relationship with an online writing community. The first few months where I was almost obsessed with dA, that was my honeymoon period. This is the phase where I ignore the calls and emails from my partner and pretend they don't exist. I'm not ready to "break up" with DeviantART just yet, but I don't love the site anymore.

This seems to be natural order of things for me, as this was not the first time I've done something like this. When I first started writing/reading lit online it was to an extremely juvenile, amateur site called Quizilla, which I quit a year later because the horrific level of writing I was reading on there was seriously making my style worsen (it was common to see text-talk, improper grammar, a lack of capitalization, un-formatted dialogue, etc.). Following the example of some other Quizilla-quitters, I attempted to move to another "young adult" site Mibba. After making an account, I realized Mibba was less about writing and more about socializing/making fun wallpapers, which influenced me to quit that sooner rather than later. Fictionpress, one of the best online writing sites out there (in my eyes, infinitely better than deviantART for the literature crowd), caught my attention for longest, due simply to the phenomenal standard of writing, though because of that I became a reader more than a writer. Even Fictionpress did get old (after I felt I read all the best stories on there) and I seemed to gravitate towards it less and less. Finally, it is time to admit the same thing has happened to DeviantART. It seems that I just get tired and bored of things quickly, and am always distracted by something new. Though that is maybe a good quality in life, it's convinced me that I could never write a novel.

Unfortunately, I write a lot less than I did a while ago. I still enjoy the practice, but I rarely complete poems or carve out a portion of my day just to try. I'll occasionally get a wave of inspiration, but instead of finding the nearest computer to submit to dA, I've been writing poetry on a notes app on my iPod. I won't say that this my good-bye to deviantART; I'll probably still upload some poetry here maybe every other month. This is, however, a notice that submissions, journals, responses, and actual log-ins will be infrequent.
  • Listening to: Samson, Regina Spektor
  • Eating: Spree CandyCanes

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